Third eye oil - 6th Chakra

Third eye oil - 6th Chakra

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 This chakra is located just above your eyes, and at the centre of your forehead. This chakra is used to question the spiritual nature of life.Our inner vision is contained here; inner dreams, gifts of clairvoyance, wisdom and perception. The dreams of your life are held in this chakra. In order for the head chakra to work at its best the heart chakra must also be strong and balanced. Physically, this chakra is linked to the nearvous system, lower brain, left eye, ears, nose, and pituitary gland. When weak, this centre may cause headaches, self doubt, forgetfulness, or an inability to trust your instincts. If overactive, you may be oversensitive, spaced out, and experience psychic overload.

Use this oil to heal your third eye chakra.

Ritual oils have been handcrafted with real herbs, spices, flowers, resins or crystals

These are to be anointed on your person or for any relevant candle magick ritual.

All have been cleansed and charged and consecrated ready to be used for your spell casting. These are very powerful oils and not to be used irresponsibly.

If anointing yourself please do a patch test first.

The herb oils have been steeping for 8 weeks prior to being bottled on a full moon

Some have fragrance, some don't, it really does depend on the herbs used in its creation. The lack of fragrance does not mean it has less power. On the contrary, the vibrational energies of each oil are at their very best.

It can also mean you can be a little more discreet when having to anoint something that does not belong to you. 😉

Depending on each blend however some essential oils are used where I cannot find a specific herb.

You will receive one 10ml, 50ml, 100ml as per selection

Sold as curio
Not to be ingested