Magick Salt collection

Magick Salt collection

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Salt’s Magical Properties:

Cleansing, purification, protection

Ruling planet – Earth

Element – Earth

Gender – Feminine

This set of salts can be used in various ways in protective forms of magick. 

Set includes:

  • Dead sea salt (white salt)
Because its from the sea, and ruled by the element of water, (water being the carrier for emotions), sea salt is perfect for spells to help release and cleanse negative feelings.
  • Epsom Salt (white salt)
Use these as an addition to your ritual baths, to purify and cleanse andclear the mind.
  • Celtic salt (grey salt) 
Best used in kitchen witchery, adding power to your magickal intent.
  • Himalayan salt (pink salt)
Himalayan salt aligns the Earth with the Universe. Fantastic for uses during astral travel, and when travelling spiritually between worlds.
  • Black lava salt (black salt)
Use for protection ad to dispel negative energy during spell castings.

    Each salt comes in 2.5” x 2.5” self seal grip bag

    Each salt pack has been sat on the Altar of the Wych for one moon cycle to remove any previous low vibrational handling energies.