Angelic Wings oil - Botanical Oil - Magick oil

Angelic Wings oil - Botanical Oil - Magick oil

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Angelic Wings Oil: 

Sacred ancient blend created especially for working with all four elements at once - Use carefully

High grade magick botanical oils, for use in conjure, hoodoo, voodoo, elemental magick, fae magick, Created,mixed, bottled and poured by the Wych.

These oils have been steeped with herbs, resins and crystals for one full moon cycle.

Please note that not all oils will have a fragrance for discretion of use. Where I have had to substitute a herb for an essential oil. (Due to it possibly being out of season) you will possibly find a light fragrance.

The energies of these oils run on a high vibration, so please be sensible with their uses.

You can anoint candles, yourself, gris gris and any item of choice in relation to the oil you choose.

Botanical oils are the easiest and most complex form of magick to use, they come in bottles of 10ml, 50ml, 100ml.