Healing Spell


'Healing Spells are not to be used instead of conventional medical healing, instead they are to be used in conjunction with conventional and traditional healing methods,

Spells can be cast for various infliction's that you or someone you know may have.

The way they work is by reinforcing other methods of healing, by enhancing their power, and aiding with recovery times.

With this said, if you have an ailment or an illness of some kind, please consult your Doctor before any kind of healing spell is cast.'

Healing herbs can be made into, tinctures, teas, herb pillows and pouches and so much more.

When collecting your own wild herbs please be responsible and don't collect more than you will use. Growing your own herbs in your wych garden can be very satisfying as well as powerful tools in your spellcasting arsenal. If you don't have the time or the resources to collect or grow your own you can purchase your herbs or starter kits instore here

To learn about various healing herbs and their magickal attributes with this comprehensive guide 'The Herbal Alchemist's Handbook'

Here's a simple healing herb pouch 


7 Job's tears pearls

3 Ivy leaves

A good pinch of Everlasting flowers

White cloth 6" x 6"

Light blue ribbon.


Place your cloth on a flat surface. Bless and charge each of the seven Job's tears before placing into the centre of your cloth.

Add your ivy leaves then your Everlasting flowers

Collect each corner of your white cloth above the centre of your herbs creating a pouch, then tie your ribbon around the corners. Your pouch is now ready to give to the patient and placed under a pillow or mattress. 

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