A Simple Candle Wish Spell

Today I want to talk about simple spell casting for beginners.

Everyone knows that on your birthday you get to make a wish and blow your birthday cake candles out, that you should never tell a soul what you wished for or it wont come true.

How many of you did that? You wished for something so hard, and totally believed that whatever you wished for would come true.


That is the power of intention, unfortunately as children we do not understand that we need to follow up on that wish with our actions after that.

Its like wishing you could desperately meet someone, fall in love and have that perfect happy ending, but never putting yourself out there to meet someone new. whats the odds of meeting someone to fulfill that wish if you don't put the action into it...very bleak indeed. then what do we do, we blame the spell or the spellcaster, what we will never admit is that is was entirely our own doing. 

As with all magick you need to have a follow through, an action, that goes something like this.

  • Intention
  • Attention
  • Action
  • Invoking
  • Ritual spell cast

These are all very important elements to spell casting. Sometimes not necessarily in that order. 

So with the birthday cake example your intention is making the birthday cake with love and placing the candles on the top. Your attention is lighting and watching the candles mesmerizing flicker. Your action is the wish, invoking is blowing out those candles, and the spell cast is the eating of the cake for completion of the spell ritual. 

Now once this is done if you then did nothing to chase that wish, would it still be granted? Possibly yes or possibly no.. why? Because that not exactly how the universe works. This is why so many spells fail, because we expect miracles to happen without any of the hard work.

Take an active role in your requested magick, for the universe to bend its energies to suit your requests you must also actively be taking part to achieve it.

So this brings us to the simple candle spell.

  • Take a white candle (white is a universal colour as is covers all the colours in the spectrum) 
  • Petition paper
  • a pen
  • a fireproof dish to place your burning candle on. 
  • A lighter
  • Timing: Midnight

Place your candle in the middle of your fireproof dish and light it. Envision your request coming to life with each flicker of the flames. See where your desires take you and what thought come to mind, envision its completion.

Now take your petition paper and write down your wish reading it out loud over and over again.

Keep repeating your wish as you set it alight with the flames let it burn on the fireproof dish, keep your focus on your petition paper. If it burns easily and completely, your wish will easily be accomplished, if it doesn't burn out completely or takes a log time, there will be obstacles along the way.

Focus again back on the candle flame and see yourself bringing your wish to fruition.

Now as you blow out the candle say

"wish be free, so it shall be" 

Gather up the ashes and melted wax and while the wax is pliable roll it into a ball place your initials on to it then bury it underneath a fruit bearing tree.

Now you will have the universe lining up possibilities for you to make your wish come true, just be aware and keep your antenna up.

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Happy Spell casting Wyches

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